Woman vocalist gets concert permit after 20 years

Woman vocalist gets concert permit after 20 years
ID : N-3820 Date : 2018/12/26 - 12:00

(Persia Digest) -  She is a skillful musician in addition to being a vocalist; and now, 21 years after she started her musical career, she has finally succeeded to obtain a permit for an official performance.

Bahareh Mirza-Agha is an Iranian singer who, according to her fans, has a voice similar to another Iranian popular singer, Hayedeh.

Speaking to Persia Digest (PD) about the history of her musical life as a singer and musician, she said: “I started music when I was 20 and studied Avaz (Persian vocal music). My career began with performing in private, organizational and charity events and worked all these years with different women-only melodic and percussion music groups. But, it was only two years ago when I finally succeeded in having official performances at Vahdat Hall and Niavaran Cultural Complex which included 12 performances in general.”

She added: “At first I studied traditional music and then continued with pop music. When I sang in the second genre, most of people who heard my voice believed that it is similar to that of one of our old singers and this caused them to welcome my voice with more enthusiasm. At first, I worked on fusion music but, currently, my first priority is pop music and my fans are more interested in this genre. In addition to Avaz, I also play the piano and setar (Iranian music instrument) but I am publically known for my Avaz.”

Referring to a number of problems facing woman singers in Iran, Bahareh said: “I have been singing Avaz since I was 20 but, unfortunately, I only succeeded in having my first official performance now that I am 40.

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“The golden age for a woman singer is when she is 17-18. I sang in exile for 20 years. Although your voice is more matured after you are 40, it no longer has the passion of a 20-year old.”

She referred to other obstacles facing a woman vocalist in Iran as: “obtaining permission for a concert, limited no of music halls, organizing the time of concerts and advertisement. “

Referring to the unbelievable welcome of the Iranian audience for pop music, she said: “Despite the long experience of traditional vocalists, pop concerts are immediately sold out for several consecutive nights and this indicates that people are more interested in modern and new music.”

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She added: “Sometimes, during my concerts, I hear people asking me to sing happier songs and this would only be possible with pop music because the younger generations are not very interested in traditional music. However, I am highly interested in traditional music because it is part of our cultural wealth.”

Bahareh stressed in conclusion that despite all the problems and obstacles she has faced in Iran for her music career and despite the fact that her son is studying abroad, she still prefers to stay in Iran and continue her music in her homeland because she believes that the future is promising for the music of Iranian women.

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