(Persia Digest) - The most prestigious architectural publications in the Middle East have printed a list of the most influential architects in the region, in which the names of five Iranian architects can also be seen.

The “Architect” magazine and “DesignMENA” website, a subsidiary of “itp” which has 75 magazines in the group, are two of the most prominent architectural publications in the region. In their first issue following the Middle East Architect Awards ceremony every year, they publish the list of the top 5 architects in the region. The names of five Iranian architects can be seen in their 2018 list.

These are Amir-Hossein Hajizadeh, Arash Gholam-Ali Tehrani, Behzad Atabaki, Kourosh Hajizadeh, and Mohammad Khavarian. They have all been selected for their respect of their native culture and history, context-based architecture, and efforts to revive the roots of Iranian architecture.

They were also among the select architects of the Middle East Architect Awards for 2017 along with several other Iranian architects.

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