February 04, 2018 12:35
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(Persia Digest) – President Hassan Rouhani has been inaugurating ten sacred defense museums in the provinces around Iran. He spoke at a ceremony this morning (Sunday), saying: “We are able to manufacture any type of arms needed to defend our country within our legal system and the fatwas of the Supreme Leader. But, we are not seeking WMDs.”

He said we must increase our national power, and reiterated: “Our defense systems are part of our national strength. Political, economic, cultural, and defensive powers together form our national strength. The country cannot be run without any of them.”

The President stated: “The armed forces alongside the government, the government alongside the seminaries, and the seminaries alongside the people must work together. Of course, in addition to political, economic, cultural, and defensive powers, the cyberspace is also a pillar of power. High-tech is the new power of today.”

He went on to say all powers in the world are threatening one another and are probably unlikely to stop, and added: “The US is blatantly threatening Russia with its new nuclear weapons. Under the circumstances, which country in the world can say that this a time of peace, brotherhood, and co-existence; that we do not need deterrents as in the past. We will always need to defend ourselves and must empower ourselves for as long as we are under these threats. We must be able to manufacture our own weapons, and we are able to do this now. We purchase arms only when necessary.”

Rouhani emphasized: “We must be strong enough to refrain the enemy from attacking us. We must either discourage them or make them understand that they will pay a heavy price for their aggressions.”

The President reiterated: “Peace can only be achieved under the auspices of a strong nation. National power as a deterrent is lasting peace. We must be ready to repel all threats.”

The President added: “In any war, we must first consider its software before its hardware. The first software of defense is its legitimacy. The people must be aware that their country has been attacked and that we are its defenders. We do not intend to infringe on the interests of any other nations. It is our religious and national duty and that of our revolution to defend our land, independence, and honor.”

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