February 05, 2018 14:41
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(Persia Digest) – The Met Office has given the good news of more snowy days in mid-February as Tehran and a few other cities, including Tabriz, are under a pollution red alert.

Although it is mid-winter, the skies of Tehran and other big cities in Iran are putting behind their seventh day of pollution.

Over the past 24 hours, the Air Pollution Monitoring Center has declared a red alert for all age groups in Tehran, Tabriz and a number of other cities. All the kindergarten, nurseries, and elementary schools have been closed in the morning and afternoon in the said two cities today.

The Tehran Air Pollution Monitoring Center has announced that air quality in the capital in the past 24 hours ending at 08h00 hours this morning, 5 February 2018, to be unhealthy. Carbon monoxide levels are 48, with particles measuring 10 µm or less unhealthy for sensitive groups (107), and particles of 2.5 µm or less at an unhealthy level (153).

Apart from the effects of periodic sustained atmospheric conditions, long, consecutive periods of air pollution from October to February in recent years are also the best witness to the poor quality of cars that produce 85% of air pollution in Tehran.

The Ministry of Education General Director has said that schools may have to close down tomorrow, 6 February, due to severe air pollution.

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