February 13, 2018 12:25
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(Persia Digest) – The first Iran-Malaysia joint film production “Lahzeh-ye bi payan” [Endless moment], which has been mostly filmed in three Iranian cities, has premiered in Kuala Lumpur on 12 February. It is an amalgamation of cultures in both countries, aiming to bridge the gap between Iran and Malaysia.

On the sidelines of the premiere, the Malaysian producer commented: “Contrary to all the Iranophobic propaganda, this is a safe and stable country you will fall in love with at first glance.”

“Janji Zahan” [Promise of Zahan] will be broadcast on Astro TV network from 14 February.

Actors from Iran and Malaysia star in this film which has been shot in three Iranian cities. It has been sponsored by the Malaysian Astro Network and has two producers – Mohammad-Ali Hossein-Nejad from Iran and Zabrina Fernandez from Malaysia.

According to director Schulli, the film has been shot in 43 different locations in Iran over 12 days.

Bernard Schulli, the Malaysian director of “Lahzeh-ye bi payan” [Endless moment], told IRNA News Agency about his presence in Iran: “I traveled to Iran three times when shooting this film. The first time was to talk about the idea of the movie, the second time to meet the producer and second director and choose the locations, and the third time to match the script with different regions of Iran.”

Schulli also commented on the cinema industry in Iran, and said: “I have been familiar with Iranian cinema ever since my student days. Every time there is talk of the Asian cinema, Iran holds a special place in it. It is a proud, famed cinema in Asia.”

When asked about the main message the film holds for its Iranian and Malaysian audiences, Schulli answered: “Its main message is about life and the strengthening of human relations beyond borders and cultures.”

He continued: “Iranian officials in Malaysia, and in Iran working with the Malaysian team, were very cooperative and our group never encountered any problems. I believe Iran’s doors are open to foreign filmmakers.”

“Lahzeh-ye bi payan” [Endless moment] is about the love of an Iranian-Malaysian couple who spend their honeymoon in Iran. Its production was facilitated by Iranian officials in Iran and Malaysia.

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