(Persia Digest) - Iran became the world's leading nanotechnology Olympiad team in the business section at the First South Korean International Nanotechnology Olympiad.

The First International Nanotechnology Olympiad ended yesterday with announcement of the winners of the competition, ISNA reported. Iran ranked first in the business section, Malaysia in the science and technology section, and Taiwan in the overall score section, based on the South Korean international jury’s votes in the innovation section.

At the closing ceremony of the Olympiad, Dr Ali Baitollahi, director of the Olympiad Leadership Committee, described the projects and challenges presented at the Olympiad at a high level. “These ideas were directly related to the challenges posed, and, given the courses and workshops on commercialization and the launch of companies in the Olympiad, these ideas could change from laboratory ideas to industrial ideas,” he said.

Dr Saeed Sarkar, secretary of the Nanotechnology Initiative Council at the ceremony, described the capabilities of the nine participating teams in the competition. “Taking fourth place in the world in science production by Iran is a major step in the development of nanotechnology in the country,” he added.

Sarkar counted the creation of 178 companies and 40 approved products as one of the achievements of a decade of Nanotechnology Initiative Council’s efforts, which has been developing new opportunities to generate wealth from nanotechnology through export to 45 countries.

The Secretariat of Nanotechnology Initiative Council counted Spain, South Korea, Germany, Russia, African and Latin American countries, among the target markets for nano-based products. “Nanotechnology's industrial development is one of the goals of the Nanotechnology Initiative Council, while the health area is one of the areas that has attracted the greatest achievements of nanotechnology,” he added.

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