(Persia Digest) – Upon his arrival at Indira Gandhi International Airport, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, said: “Our meetings and discussions about the JCPOA with various governments will continue.”

Talking about his agenda on his trip to India, Zarif said: “We will be holding comprehensive talks with New Delhi, especially about the US non-compliance with the JCPOA and withdrawal from it.”

He added: “I will meet my Indian counterpart on Monday afternoon to discuss the new developments in the JCPOA and the unilateral US exit from a multilateral agreement supported by a UNSCR.”

Zarif continued by saying that the economic interests of both countries under the circumstances will be assessed with the Foreign Minister of India and they will endeavor to expand the already existing good ties between Tehran and New Delhi as two important trade and political partners in the region.

He also expressed confidence that ties between Iran and India will continue to expand as in the past, and both countries are already working on mutual projects in the fields of energy, trade, and transport.

Persia Digest reports that Javad Zarif landed in New Delhi on Monday morning, at the head of a political and economic delegation. Earlier, he had visited China, Russia, and Brussels as the de facto capital of the European Union and discussed Tehran’s strategies to counter new US sanctions imposed on his country.

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