(Persia Digest) - Liana Sharifian, the Iranian folk musician and daughter of Mohsen Sharifian, the well-known folklore musician, introduced "Ney-anban” at the 33rd Ney-anban Festival in Spain by performing in several shows.

Liana Sharifian introduced the role of Ney-anban in Bushehr music as one of the most beautiful musical branches of Iran at Galicia Ney-anban Festival.

Persia Digest reports that this Iranian female musician is participating in this international event for the third time. She will perform in two sections of the festival - the Iranian Ney-anban solo and the Spanish Ney-anban duo.

It is worth noting that Mohsen Sharifian, the composer and lead of Lian Music Band, won the Diploma of Honor and medal of this international event on 10 June last year, at the 32nd International Ney-anban Festival. He donated the festivals’ medal for the treatment of one of the great musicians of Hormozgan.

"Ney-anban" is one of the oldest musical instruments, known in many countries as an original instrument. The history of this ancient instrument dates back to 2000 BCE. "Ney-anban" was registered on the National Iranian Heritage List due to its learning on a national level across Iran in September 2015, titled "The skill of making and playing Ney-anban on a national level".


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