(Persia Digest) - The total index for the Tehran Stock Exchange reached 6 digits for the first time yesterday, with a single 3306-unit jump (the highest growth rate in its history). This is unprecedented in Iran’s stock exchange.

In recent days, the flood of liquidity, along with the tangible attractiveness of stocks, created new records for the Tehran Stock Exchange. The pouring in of new money has led to a steady rise in the stock index with a leap in trading value. As a result, the value of shares traded yesterday at the Tehran Stock Exchange reached USD 435BN, the highest since April 2006.

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Promising records, the green lights on the bourse display monitors, and long trading queues, are the bearers of good news for a continued growth. Basic factors, such as the dollar exchange rate against the rial, remain strong supporters of the stocks, reflecting the readiness of the stock exchange to attract maximum liquidity and continue its bullish trend on the market.

Hopes for a relative opening in the forex market, as well as positive news about big industries, especially metals-minerals, petrochemicals, and new liquidity have been assessed as the most effective factors for this unprecedented growth.

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