September 22, 2018 11:16
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(Persia Digest) – During the first few moments of Iran’s armed forces parade this morning taking place in Ahvaz, southern Iran, a terrorist group opened fire on the stand and parade in a deadly gun attack.

Officials say there are 60 casualties so far, and 10 soldiers have been martyred. All those killed belonged to the IRGC unit.

Khuzestan Governor has announced: “Two of the gunmen have been shot dead in a chase with the security forces. Two others have been arrested, of whom one is wounded.”

In an initial reaction to the attack, the IRGC spokesperson said: “The gunmen who opened fire on the military forces and the crowds were members of the Al-Ahwazieh group.”

He pointed out that the group receives financial support from Saudi Arabia, adding: “The gunmen shot at the armed forces and the people watching the parade.”

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Persia Digest reports that the attackers wearing military uniforms shot from a park behind the stand. Initially, onlookers believed the shooting was accidental. But they soon realized this was a terrorist attack when a number of civilians were also wounded.

Two gunmen on motorcycles were also part of the team who fled the scene after shooting at the parade.

It has been reported that all the officials, including the representative of the Supreme Leader in the Province, Khuzestan Province Governor-General, and Ahvaz Governor are safe.

The shooting scene is presently under control, but ambulances and police cars are moving towards Ahvaz Armored Division 92.

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