(Persia digest)- Iran’s annual toy festival begins on 15 August this year and will be hosting the traditional games of Iran for the very first time.

In this day and age of computer games, traditional games can have their own merit, especially as Iranian children still get a chance to play these in their childhood. Kanoun children’s center for books and toys has allocated an exhibition area of 550 sqm at the toy festival to playing these games with children. Eight stands have been allocated to the Cultural Arts Center for Teaching and Promoting Traditional Iranian Games. The games will be played out for children in every stand for that particular age group, ranging from pre-school, elementary school, and middle school. They will also be thought how to play these games. Tug of war and other games will also be played in the exhibition hallway. One of the stands has set out to introduce craft books for children in its workshop, where children can practice and enjoy their art.

All of this will help revive old games for today’s generation of Iranian children; the game selection is also suitable to be played indoors and in confined spaces.

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