November 18, 2018 09:00
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(Persia Digest) – The PR offices of Iran’s Red Crescent Society has issued a statement on the hostile behavior of the UAE towards the activities of the Iranian hospital in Dubai.

The statement reads: “Dubai health authorities have called on all insurance companies to stop providing services to the hospital in an official letter.

The Iranian hospital in Dubai is one of the oldest in the UAE which began work in 1972 with a permit from the ruler of the time. But it has faced many obstacles in recent years with the malicious behavior of the UAE towards Iran.

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Not issuing work permits for Iranian physicians, the non-issuance and non-renewable of visas for its Iranian staff, and creating disruptions in the routine work of the hospital over the past two years have taken on new heights.

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The statement underlines that Iran’s Red Crescent Society as the owner and manager of the hospital in association with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has thus far withstood pressures to transfer or change the ownership of the hospital.

It finishes by saying: “In addition to influencing the lives of Iranians living in Dubai, such unfriendly behaviors contradict the high goals of the Red Crescent and Red Cross societies in the world.”

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