(Persia Digest) – Yoghurt stew is an original dish of Isfahan. Although it is called stew, it is in fact served either as a desert or an entrée. It is sweet-tasting and delicious.

It is usually made with mutton’s neck meat, but chicken can also be used. Sugar and rosewater is used to sweeten it or, alternatively, use salt and pepper for a savory Indian style dish.

Ingredients (serves 4)

200g Mutton neck meat

½ Cup sugar

1 Onion

3 Cups high-fat yoghurt

1 Egg yolk

1 tbsp powdered saffron

1 tbsp rosewater

1 tbsp sliced almonds

1 tbsp chopped walnuts

Salt, pepper, and turmeric to taste

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Cut the onion in four and place in a pot with the mutton and turmeric. Cover the pan and allow to cook well. Separate the meat from the bone when it is soft and pound in a copper dish until sticky.

Mix the egg yolk with the sugar and yoghurt and place in a medium pot. Heat slowly until the yoghurt is bubbling. Add the meat and mix well.

Add the salt, walnuts, almonds, saffron, and rosewater. Remove from the heat after a few minutes and place on a serving dish. Leave the stew in the fridge for 24 hours and serve cold.

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