(Persia Digest) – Iranian gamers have started a campaign which has already been signed by 35 thousand people protesting restrictions in accessing Apex Legends due to sanctions.

Apex Legends was unavailable in Iran from the start due to restricted access to cloud servers not available in Iran.

Iran National Foundation of Computer Games has announced that Amazon servers for Apex Legends have sanctioned Iran and disrupted connections.

The Foundation started a campaign with the active cooperation of specialized media for Iranian gamers to reconnect to Apex Legends and collect ten thousand signatures to change the mind of the game publishers towards their market volume in Iran.

The campaign has received an extraordinary welcome with 35 thousand signatures in just a few days. Many users have used the #ApexforIran hashtag on social media and joined the campaign to protest the restrictions.

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The campaign aims to bring the voices of Iranian gamers to the world and show the large numbers of its audience in this country to the publishers of Apex Legends and other similar games. This is an attempt to show part of the market for these games to manufacturers that will be lost if using Amazon servers.

This will also prove once again that US sanctions have deprived the Iranian people of their rights and placed them under tremendous pressure in every way.

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