(Persia Digest) – A cargo ship carrying hundreds of containers sank in a pier in Shahid Rajaei Port in southern Iran this morning.

The ship was docking at the port when it sank with its cargo.

Witnesses say a number of crew fell overboard when the cargo ship was sinking.

Deputy of the Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization, Hadi Haghshenass, elaborated on the details of the accident, saying: “A lack of coordination between the loading and unloading contractor and the ship's officer for the unloading location of the containers caused the accident.”

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He continued: “The height of the cargo ship from top to bottom is about 25 meters above and below water.”

He added that the containers were being fished out of the water.

Haghshenass also pointed out that the ship was carrying a cargo of copper, potassium chloride, and other concentrates, saying: “The length of the ship is 90 meters and it was carrying 150 containers.”

Speaking about the personnel, he said: “The cargo ship had 14 personnel of mainly Indian nationality. They are all safe and only one person has sustained leg injuries.”

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The CEO of Hormozgan Province Ports and Maritime Organization, Amaollah Afifipour, said: “The Indian vessel set out for Shahid Rajaei Port from the port of Jebel Ali in Dubai. Overall three crew members were injured, two of whom were treated in-situ and one was transferred to hospital.”

He added that activities at Shahid Rajaei Port were underway as normal and the cargo ship would soon be lifted out of the water after arrangements are made with the owner.

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