February 10, 2018 09:15
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(Persia Digest) – Alborz is the name of Iran’s northern chain of mountains and its highest peak, Davamand - measuring 5671 meters.

Alborz, or Iran’s northern chain of mountains, is 950kms long spreading over an area of 51 500 square kilometers, or around 3% of the country’s surface area. It is a part of the great folds of the Alps and Himalayas.

The Alborz Chain of Mountains refers to the continuous mountains of northern Iran, ranging from Turkey in the northwest to northeastern Iran in the Khorasan region. The central Alborz region is limited in the north to the Caspian Sea and in the south to the city of Tehran. The northern foothills of the chain, especially to the south of the Caspian, is green, lush, and humid. In parts, the distance between the foot of the mountains and the sea is less than one kilometer. The southern foothills are limited by Iran’s central plateau. The average height of the plateau near the mountains is 1500 meters.

In contrast to its northern foothills, the southern foothills of Alborz are nearly dry. The pastures, treeless plains covered in lichen, and the year-round cover of snow on Alborz peaks is very evident in its southern side. Available data indicates that there used to be a larger number of natural refrigerators in the mountains. Currently, these can be found in Damavand Peak, Alamkuh, Sabalan, and to a far lesser extent in some of Alborz’s highest peaks. Heavy snow covers Alborz in the winter, making it ideal for skiing. The melting snow provides much of the drinking water for most of the towns around Alborz and also the capital.

It is interesting to know that 55% of Iran is covered by mountains, and the Alborz chain is one of the four main chains of mountain on the Iranian plateau.


Photos: Mousavi Taghavi-Namin/IRIB

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