(Persia Digest) – Fishing nets have been spread for the start of the bony fish catch in Iran.

The fishing season begins every year from 12 October till mid-March. Mazandaran has 4200 fishermen and 54 fishing companies. This gives it the most fishing share in the northern provinces of Iran. Between 2500 to 3000 tons of bony fish varieties are caught in Mazandaran during this time.

This is done in the traditional style of “pareh” on the beaches. It involves spreading the net in a semi-circle over a particular distance from the coast to a depth of 14 meters. Once the fish are caught, the net is collected by men or tractors. The fishermen in Mazandaran use nets which are between seven to ten meters high and 1200 meters long. These are spread in the water using boats and collected with tractors once full.

The largest varieties of fish caught here are white fish, mullet, and carp among others. The bony fish season ends as they spawn in the spring.

Photos: Seyed Vali Shoja’ei-Langari

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