(Persia Digest) – Mixed-race Iranian-American spy Jason Rezaian’s file and his activities in Iran will be broadcast on Iran’s channel 3 state TV as a documentary.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that a recent state TV series called ‘Gando’ narrated the arrest and exchange of Jason Rezaian which prompted significant reaction both among politicians and people in Iran.

Rouhani’s government was seriously criticized, to the extent that the President’s Advisor, Hesamodin Ashna, responded by addressing the creators of this series: “You will not become Great with Gando.” The Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson also criticized the series yesterday by saying: “What the series shows about the Foreign Ministry and FM Zarif is not consistent with reality.”

In its last episode, the series claims that Jason Rezaian was exchanged for USD 1BN 700MM brought over to Iran on a plane in cash. He was handed over to the Swiss Ambassador in Iran and seven Iranians who had been arrested in the US for unknown reasons were also freed. These events took place concurrently with the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal which was signed between Iran and the big powers.

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Barack Obama was the US President at the time. He said the money returned to Iran was for an arms deal which never took place; although, the US State Department Spokesperson, Mark Toner, said later that the payment of this money to Iran was conditional on the release of the prisoners.

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The payment, nevertheless, put an end to a decades long legal dispute between Washington and Tehran; but long-drawn controversy drags on between the Republicans and Democrats in the US.

Following the showing of ‘Gando’, Iran’s state TV now intends to broadcast a documentary on Jason Rezaian which may create further controversy extending as far as the US.

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