(Persia Digest) – Fire raged in downtown Tehran last night, destroying part of a historic roundabout located in the old fabric of the city.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the fire started in the western wing of Hassan-Abad Roundabout at 21h00 hours last night, in a row of gable roof warehouses measuring 1000sqm.

The fire was put out quickly and there were no injuries. But two of the roundabout’s historic domes were destroyed and part of the old fabric, especially windows and railings, also burned down.

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Hassan-Abad Roundabout was known as the ‘Eight-Dome Roundabout’ in its inception days. It is a large roundabout in the old city fabric of downtown Tehran constructed in 1930. It is flanked by four buildings and eight domes with a curved, symmetric design.

The old quarter was registered as a National Heritage of Iran in 1998.

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