A home for music

A home for music
ID : N-312 Date : 2017/09/14 - 12:31

(Persia digest) - When a musical instrument has a home of its own, it can only mean that students will be trained in that house to play that instrument and keep it from fading away from memory. This will be a safe house not only for the instrument, but also for the rituals and stories that go with it.

The string instrument tanbur has been played in kermanshah for nearly 5000 years. Recently, a home was built for it brick by brick outside the city on the grounds of Ali-Akbar Moradi’s home, the renowned tanbur artist, and thanks to his efforts for safekeeping this ancient art and its history, while training young musicians at the same time.

This is an instrument which is also played in groups and the abode of this ancient instrument will serve as a hub for its performance.

The ‘House of tanbur’ was inaugurated by Kayhan Kahlhor, the renowned player of Kamancheh who has recently won the Grammy Award with the Silk Road band; other artists present were Hossein Alizadeh (tar), Shahram Nazeri (vocalist of Molana’s poetry), Ali-Akbar Shekaarchi, Mohammad-Reza Darvishi, Navid Afghah, Ali Bustan, and Ali Torabi. A large audience had gathered at the opening to listen to the traditional sound of tanbur.

Speaking at the ceremony, Hossein Alizadeh pointed out to the valuable move by Ali-Akbar Moradi for building the home of tanbur on his private grounds with non-public funds, and said: ‘This is an important event for the people of Iran. There is no crisis here today and no need for heightened security measures. We are all Iranians and the tanbur belongs to us all. Iran is an important country in the world and home to a great culture. It will not be an exaggeration to say that we have a rich music culture. Different parts of Iran have their own special music. This is not a simple claim and has been proved by academic research.’

The closing ceremony at the ‘House of Tanbur’ included pieces performed by different groups and a dance performance by local artists with local instruments.


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