Beloved Don't Let Me Be Discouraged

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Beloved Don't Let Me Be Discouraged

Download Beloved Don't Let Me Be Discouraged

Beloved Don't Let Me Be Discouraged

Artists: Keyhan Kalhor & Brooklyn Rider

Album: Silent city

Year:    2008

Genre: World music


(Persia digest)- The above album consists of 4 pieces, totaling 53 minutes. The main track of the album entitled Silent City is approximately 30 minutes long. The idea originally took shape when Harvard University commissioned Kayhan Kalhor to write a piece for a music appreciation class. Kalhor and members of the Brooklyn Rider string quartet collaborated to release the album they named Silent City.

The collection received positive reviews from critiques in all. Christoph Rezai called it a successful experience in fusing eastern and western music; the New York Times said it had gone beyond the music charter of the Middle East, and Allmusic said the complexity of Kalhor’s melody combined with the Brooklyn Rider music is enchanting. Silent City was in 18th place on Billboard’s Top Classical Albums Chart, and Songlines Magazine named it best instrumental music for 2008.

This music has been performed live in cities such as London, New York, Virginia, Chicago, and Minneapolis, accompanied by the Chinese American cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s playing.

  • Kayhan Kalhor:           Kamancheh
  • Colin Jacobsen:           Violin
  • Johnny Gandelsman: Violin
  • Nicholas Cords:           Viola
  • Eric Jacobsen:             Cello
  • Jeffrey Beecher:          Bass
  • Mark Suther:               Percussion
  • Siamak Aghaei:           Santur & Tonbak

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