French Iranologist passes

French Iranologist passes
ID : N-2836 Date : 2018/09/08 - 14:40

(Persia Digest) – French Iranologist and linguist, Gilbert Lazar, has died aged 98.

Lazar dedicated his life to the study of the Persian language and literature and became the honorary member of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature in 2017.

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From 1972 to 1993, he led research teams on the Persian language in centers in France. Some of his works are the French-Persian dictionary, studying the development of Persian and old scattered poems by Persian poets, and the translation of a selection of Khayyam rubaiyat and Hafez sonnets.

He was awarded the Afshar Yazdi 24th literature prize. He is currently the last non-Iranian to have been awarded this prize.

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