Iranian political representatives attacked in Europe

Iranian political representatives attacked in Europe
ID : N-1451 Date : 2018/03/12 - 09:22

(Persia Digest) – Austrian police have reported an attack on the residence of Iranian Ambassador to Vienna and stated that the armed man has been killed by one of the guards. Another guard has been transferred to hospital for an arm injury.

The attacker, armed with a cold weapon, had tried to enter the residence of the Iranian Ambassador in Austria.

The Austrian Ministry of Defense has announced that the guards initially used pepper spray to stop the intruder, but were forced to use firearms when he did not stop.

The Iranian Ambassador to London has also twitted that he has received death threats from a member of the Shirazi sect.

Persia Digest reported that four members of the Shirazi religious sect attacked the Iranian Embassy in London last Friday, taking down the Iranian flag and remaining on the embassy balcony for about three hours. They were eventually arrested by the police, who have now released them.


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