Khalal stew - a party dish from western Iran

Khalal stew - a party dish from western Iran
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(Persia digest) – The Khalal (Slivered almond) stew is a delicious, traditional dish from Kermanshah in western Iran.

Cooking khalal is similar to another Iranian dish, the Gheymeh stew. They only differ in one aspect e.g. instead of using French fries and split peas which are used in Gheymeh, sliced almonds and black barberries are used in Khalal stew with pieces of meat cut into small cubes.  

Ingredients (serves 4)

500g Beef

1 Cup Black barberries

1 Onion

150g Slivered almonds

1 tsp Butter

1 Cup Dissolved saffron

1 Cinnamon stick

Turmeric, black pepper, salt to taste

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Caramelize the sliced onion with oil in a pot. Then add the turmeric and chopped beef to the onion and sauté until brown. Add the tomato paste and stir; then add four glasses of water and cover the pot. Simmer gently until the beef is well-cooked.    

Put the slivered almonds in a bowel of hot water for 10 minutes to become tender; then rinse and mix with some of the brewed saffron.

Allow the stew to cook slowly until it thickens; add the slivered almonds, the rest of the saffron and cinnamon sticks and allow the stew simmer for another 30 minutes.

Fry the black barberries gently with butter in another pan and add to the stew in the last part of the cooking. Cook for another 30 minutes on low heat. Remove the cinnamon sticks at the end of cooking. This stew is served with rice.

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