A member of Tehran City Council Architecture and Urban Planning Commission announced the possibility of Tehran’s tallest structure, the freestanding Milad Tower, tilting or collapsing following the insecure excavation of the adjoining plot of land.

Mohammad Mahdi Tondguyan stated that unfortunately the excavated site next to Milad Tower has been abandoned by its owners: ‘We have repeatedly reminded Tehran City Council of this problem. But, the Council has not yet informed us who the contractors are and how to contact them to secure the site.’

The Deputy Chairman of the Commission for Architecture and Urban Development continued: ‘With the appearance of the first crack in the excavated hole, the foundation of the tower will lose its resistance and it will collapse into the 40-meter pit. At best, Milad Tower will become a leaning tower.’

Milad Tower is a multipurpose telecommunications tower in northwest Tehran, capital of Iran. Measuring 435 meters it is Iran’s tallest building, the world’s sixth tallest telecommunications building, and the world’s nineteenth tangent structure. The tower comes with 13 thousand meters of floor area and holds first place worldwide regarding the extent of use of its tower head. Milad Tower is visible nearly from all parts of Tehran and has become a capital landmark.

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