February 10, 2018 16:52
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(Persia Digest) – The spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry has responded to Israeli claims of an Iranian drone entering its air space and the shooting of an F16 aircraft.

Bahram Ghassemi said: “The claim of the Zionist regime that an F16 has been shut down and the involvement of an Iranian drone are too risible to be discussed. The IR of Iran has an advisory presence in Syria at the request of its legitimate government.”

As reported by Persia Digest, clashes between the Israeli and Syrian armies took place this morning.

The Israeli army press office issued a statement saying: “The Israeli army followed and destroyed an Iranian drone which had entered its air space this morning. In response we have attacked 12 targets, including three Syrian air defense bases and four Iranian targets.”

It continued by saying: “Following Israeli attacks on Iranian and Syrian bases, the Syrian air force fired several rockets at Israeli aircrafts.”

Israel has also confirmed the crash of one of its F16 fighter jets. The jet was downed in northern Israel and one of its pilots was “severely injured”. The other pilot is safe.

Hossein Salami, Deputy Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, stated: “We do not confirm any news announced by Israel. This will be confirmed only if it is confirmed by the Syrians; because, the Israelis are liars.”

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