(Persia Digest) – Iran has been compiling files to register a number of its musical instruments with Unesco over the past year as intangible cultural heritages. It has finally decided to send the file for the “dotar” to this international organization. Two other countries may share the registration with Iran.

The file has been named “Traditional skills for making and playing the dotar” by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran and dispatched to the Intangible Heritage Organization of Unesco (ICH).

The introduction file includes an explanation text, required photos, optional photos, and a 10-minute film made according to intricate Unesco regulations.

The “Traditional skills for making and playing the dotar” file is Iran’s submission for 2019. As Iran has numerous registrations lined-up for registration and is among the world’s most active countries in this field, it can submit files to Unesco once every three years.

The project manager and file compiler for the Iranian dotar, Behrouz Vojdani, said: “Neighboring countries, such and Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, who also play the dotar can share this file with Iran. It would make us very happy; in this case, the file will be amended only once.”

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