(Persia Digest) – The conceptual art exhibition based on the idea of folding, dubbed "Folding, Folding", will open on 13 April at the “Emarat-e Ru-be-Ru” gallery with the collaboration of a Belgian and an Iranian artist.

The exhibition was organized by Hilde Overbergh from Belgium and Masoumeh Mohtadi from Iran, with the participation of "Atefeh Khaas" as the exhibition curator.

“The idea of the exhibition took shape as an online collaborative project between the two artists by simultaneously designing in front of the audience in cyberspace. This is the second exhibition based on this idea,” said Atefeh Khaas.

“This idea is sometimes based on form and color, and sometimes based on idea and content. These artists have no previous acquaintance and they are from two different languages and cultures. The most important challenge for this project is for both artists to work together with all these differences. In this exhibition, the Belgian artist Hilde Overbergh and the Iranian artist Masoumeh Mohtadi designed a project on the subject of "folding” after months of communication through the Internet. The Belgian artist creates a space for accepting structured communications using fabric and fiber. The Iranian artist folds origami and reflects the artist's language concerns,” She continued.

The exhibition will open on Friday 13 April in at the gallery and will continue until 25 April.

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