(Persia Digest) – The Russian city of St Petersburgh has sent gifts of miniatures to Isfahan University in Iran, illustrating the history of the city.

Head of the Institute of the Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Irina Samanova, gave a speech at the opening of the Isfahan miniature dedicated to Isfahan University, and said: “These miniatures are a gift from the city of St Petersburgh to Isfahan University.”

He added: “These are kept in one of Moraca’s four offices since the 17th century, supervised by Unesco.

Samanova continued by saying: “These miniature paintings have various cultural aspects, illustrating a living picture of culture in Isfahan, and Iran and India. Every beautiful thing has been illustrated here, but there is no talk of war.”

Yuri Shesterikov, representative of the governor of St Petersburg, said at the opening ceremony: “St Petersburgh and Isfahan are close culturally and the people of both cities take pride in safeguarding their history.”

He continued: “The Institute of the Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences are happy to help with everything Iran and Isfahan University require for their historical artifacts and will do everything in their power to promote knowledge in this area.”

Persia Digest reports that the agreement for these two sister cities signed in 1999 was renewed for another five years in 2014.

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