(Persia Digest) – An orangish yellow lorry, an oasis over land, is busy carrying 20 tourists across different countries, including Iran. These days, it is driving through Isfahan and Kashan in central Iran.

Louise is the driver of the bright converted vehicle which carries not merchandise, foodstuffs, or fuel, but brings 20 tourists to Iran overland.

As reported by the Chamedan website, the lorry is carrying sightseers from various European countries who set off from Istanbul in Turkey to reach their destination in Beijing, China. The lorry has been converted and fitted with seats and facilities. This special vehicle has only just recently been the guest of the doll and toy museum guest house in Kashan.

It is now back on the road and has been spotted near Kashan and Isfahan. It has been on many trips to other parts of the world including Africa and Asia.

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