(Persia Digest) -  The chairman of the Iranian Parliament [Majlis] Commission on Economy has said more than 20 billion dollars of capital has left Iran during the past couple of months, adding: “However, the process of capital withdrawal from the country has stopped due to the Central Bank of Iran’s (CBI) policies.”

Mohammad-Reza Pur-Ebrahimi added that the halt of capital withdrawal from Iran will help economic stability in the country.

“According to estimates, some 20 billion dollars of foreign currency has left Iran due to the forex crisis. The sum is even higher than 20 billion dollars in other reports. This, in turn, severely intensified the existing crisis and inflamed the social atmosphere.”

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He said that developments on the currency market over the past few months was the root cause of capital leaving the country.

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“The CBI should have had more supervision over the forex market in the past few years,” said the official adding: “It seems that the crisis has currently been contained and this, in turn, will lead to the restoration of stability.”

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