(Persia Digest) – Following sanctions against Mahan Air by Germany, Iran’s Minister of Roads and Urban Development has announced that all IR of Iran airlines, including Iran Air, are on the sanctions list.

Mohammad Eslami emphasized that such actions are against international law, reiterating: “Throughout history, the US has always taken such actions against the IR of Iran and the Iranian people have also witnessed terrorist actions and support for terrorism by the US against them.”

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Speaking about sanctions imposed on Mahan Air by the Germans, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development stated: “The German air transport system authorities sent a letter to Iran’s Air Aviation Authorities with unbecoming material, to which an answer was given.”

Iran’s Air Aviation Authorities correspondence mentioned that the decision by the German government to stop Mahan Air flights to this country was unprofessional and unjustifiable and the result of political pressures not related to aviation and Mahan Air.

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