(Persia Digest) - Seimareh area in Ilam Province is one of the most important tourist attractions in spring.

Seimareh River is 417 kms long and has a 0.3% degree slope, formed by the confluence of the Ghareh Soo and Gamasyab rivers, and its main branches are Chardavol and Shirvan. The width of the river at the site of the strait is 50 to 60 meters, the slope at the bottom of the valley is 10 to 15 degrees, and 45 to 50 degrees at the top of the valley. The ratio of width to height of the valley is 1 to 4. Seimareh Dam, which is 180 meters high, is located about 700 kms southwest of Tehran, between Ilam and Luristan and 40 kms northwest of the city of Dareh Shahr on Seimareh River.

Behind the Seimareh Dam there is a large virgin natural area along the river for tourists, which is famous for its natural, social, and economic characteristics and its particular location.


Photos: Aref Taher Kenareh/ Jaam-e-Jam

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