(Persia Digest) - Dorfak Cave in Rudbar is the glacier of Gilan Province, which keeps the snow throughout the year even in the warmest days of the year.

Dorfak Cave near the Dorfak Peak is located 50 km southeast of Rasht in Khorgam District, Rudbar County, Gilan Province.

Dorfak Peak, the busiest peak of this area, is located west of the Central Alborz Mountains, 27 km northeast of Rudbar, in Siahkal Forest Area.

On the peak’s crater, on its north side, there is a wall which is more than 500 meters high. There are several caves in the crater which count among its unique features. The crater is the place where the farmers migrate to escaping from the hot and humid villages and woods in the summer. There is a cave in the crater that the inhabitants of the area use its ice as a source of water in the summer.

The cave region was registered last year as a natural national heritage.

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Photos: Abouzar Hamidi / Ilna

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