(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Foreign Minister has rejected claims by certain media outlets of a freeze-for-freeze proposal by France.

Politico reported on Wednesday that ‘according to European diplomats, options being considered include a so-called “freeze-for-freeze” where Iran would stop ramping up nuclear activity and the U.S. would hold sanctions at current levels to allow time for dialogue to resume.’

But speaking on Thursday, the Iranian FM was asked whether President Macron’s top diplomatic advisor, Mr Bonne, had mentioned the freeze-for-freeze plan, to which he answered: “No. He proposed a way to stop rising tensions.”

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Zarif added: “Mr Bonne said he was not missioned with mediation, but wanted to consider all avenues. France was told as long as the US is waging an economic war against Iran they cannot expect Iran to stop its activities. Either Europe must step up or the US must stop its economic war.”

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To the question of whether he had shown a green light to the US for talks, he answered: “We never left the negotiating table. The US was present at the P5+1 joint commission meetings until March 2017. They decided to leave the negotiations. Now, they are making a false claim to be ready for talks. But we cannot negotiate with those who are waging an economic war against our nation. This must stop.

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