Commemorating 90 years of diplomatic relations between Iran and Japan

(Persia Digest) - The 90th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Iran and Japan was commemorated in Golestan Palace with the presence of Japan’s Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Kenji Yamada, Deputy Head of the cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran, and ambassadors missioned in Tehran.

The Japanese Embassy put on a display of 3D light show at the Palace, narrating the friendly relations between the two countries. The show was projected on the building of Golestan Palace.

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Speaking at the ceremony, Kenjo Yamada said: “I hope diplomatic relations between our two countries will continue to grow every day. I will work towards the future of this friendship between Iran and Japan.”

The first Japanese diplomat, HE Kasama, was sent to Iran ninety years ago, in 1929, and presented his credentials as minister plenipotentiary in Golestan Palace.

The 3D light show will be open to the public in Golestan Palace on Thursday 1 August and Friday 2 August in three sessions at 21h00, 21h30, and 22h00.

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