(Persia Digest) – The President of Sharif University of Technology (SUT) in Tehran has asked the EU to lift sanctions on SUT and Shahid Beheshti University because it is creating obstacles in their international activities.

Dr Mahmoud Fotouhi stressed that cooperation between Iranian and European universities is based on EU decisions, adding: “Presently, we have 42 joint projects with EU member universities and 32 joint projects with members of the non-aligned movement. We have also come to arrangements on another 12 joint projects with EU universities and signed eleven agreements for student and faculty exchanges with these universities.”

He continued by highlighting the need to develop international interactions between Iranian universities and foreign universities, and added: “These interactions need to be strengthened in areas such as study opportunities, joint projects, faculty and student exchanges, defining joint scientific projects, as well as collaborations on innovations and exchange of best practices.

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He also underlined that EU sanctions against SUT and Shahid Beheshti Universities must be lifted, and said: “Unfortunately, these sanctions have created obstacles and challenges in international interactions for these two universities and we ask that these be lifted.”

Fotouhi pointed to challenges faced by Iranian universities in their international interactions, reiterating: “Currency transfer, scientific papers publication, and the import of lab equipment are some of the issues the universities have to face.”

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