(Persia Digest) - Shirvan Darreh Si (Shirvan Valley) is located southeast of Meshgin Shahr in northwestern Iran with a stunning landscape due to its natural sculptures shaped like human figures.

The area of the valley is about 75 km.

The valley was formed by soil erosion over thousands of years.

Shirvan Valley has sandy soil that is prone to landslide and some soil is washed away annually due to rainfall, causing the valley to deepen.

A beautiful mysterious valley in northwestern Iran

Shirvan Valley has a narrow path at the outset that is 20 to 30 meters wide. When you reach an area called Lahroud, the width of the valley gradually widens and the height of the walls decreases.

There are two lakes near the cliffs called Aat Guli and Jeiran Guli. Lake Aat Guli is a place for breeding cold-water fish.

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Shirvan Valley has remained untouched due to the lack of good access and is recognized as the 11th Iranian wildlife habitat. The valley, which is a natural park, starts from the Shabil hot spring on the foothills of Sabalan and ends at the Lahroud plain.

A beautiful mysterious valley in northwestern Iran

As the second Geopark in the Middle East, this natural park is undergoing registration in UNESCO. The area has unique geographical, plant and animal life features. This habitat is home to numerous animals such as pigs, foxes, wolves, rams, Armenian ewes, brown bears, partridges, laughing doves and a number of migratory birds.

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