(Persia Digest) - Traditional costumes in cheerful colors, the sound of karnay and dhol, accompanied with the voice of a singer who sings a happy and romantic tune most of all brings Bakhtiari nomad weddings to mind.

The Bakhtiari, or Lor-e Bakhtiari tribe, live in southwestern Iran. Adherence to past traditions and customs is very valuable to the Bakhtiari and they have been able to preserve this heritage for decades.

Bakhtiari weddings begin during the day by receiving guests.

Upon hearing the sounds of the sorna and dohl, the guests get ready to meet and welcome the bride and groom. Local musicians play and sing in folk costumes like chukha and debit, and men and women dance in colorful attire.

Choob Bazi is also one of the oldest wedding customs among men. It is a game for men, celebrating the bride and groom.

Bakhtiari weddings are held with the combined effort of the bride and groom's families.  Although in recent years there has been an inclination towards modern weddings, traditional customs and clothing still give it a different feel.

Photos: Majid Asgari Pour, Amir Ali Razaghi

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