(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson has said: “The US is waiting for a phone call from Iranian authorities in vain.”

Commenting on the ZUS announcement that Trump is still waiting for a phone call from Iranian authorities, Seyed Abbas Mousavi said: “They have been expecting a call for a long time now. But this is in vain, because Iran will never volunteer for negotiations in which international law is not respected.”

He pointed to the US maximum pressure strategy and economic sanctions against Iran, reiterating: “No one will talk with a gun to their head.”

Mousavi continued: “The Americans have shown that they are not honest in their statements. They will not refrain from any pressures and threats and are hoping to bring our nation to its knees. But they want to talk in the same breath.”

He added: “They sanction our Supreme Leader and top diplomat on the one hand and talk of negotiations on the other.”

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Mousavi stated that we are witnessing a confusion and perplexity in US foreign policy, adding: “It all shows that the Americans are not sincere in declaring their positions and Iran cannot take them seriously.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that on Friday US State Department Secretary, Morgan Ortagus, said: “If the IR of Iran officials want to behave like a normal country, they know that they must contact President Trump. He is waiting for their call.”

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