September 14, 2019 14:51
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(Persia Digest) – A five-member delegation from Ireland have traveled to Iran at the invitation of the Iranian Ministry of Tourism to promote Iran's tourist attractions.

The delegation includes the head of the Irish Travel Agents Association and executives of leading travel agencies as well as active tourism journalists from Ireland who have traveled to Iran on September 13th and will stay in Iran for 10 days.

Meantime, visiting the tourist capacities of the provinces of Tehran, Isfahan, Fars and Yazd is on their itinerary.

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One of the main goals of the Irish delegation's visiting tour is to be aware of Iranian health tourism; therefore, they are also going to visit Yazd Infertility Center, Shiraz Orthopedics and Tehran Ophthalmology.

According to Persia Digest, Iran intends to use its high tourism capacity to generate income considering the US sanctions against its oil industry. So, the country is taking various measures from visa waiver for Chinese to acquaintance tours for tour leaders of different countries.

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