Spanish paper on Yalda and Christmas in Iran

Spanish paper on Yalda and Christmas in Iran
ID : N-916 Date : 2017/12/27 - 10:53

(Persia Digest) – The winter solstice “Yalda” and Christmas are celebrated around the same time in Iran every year. This year, the Spanish paper “La Vanguardia” writes: “Iranian Christians begin Christmas on the longest night of the year.”

It goes on to say that, based on an ancient Persian tradition dating back to before the advent of Islam in Iran, winter is a turning point in the year and the beginning of the end for hard times.

The paper continues: “Armenians are well aware of this. They are famous for their sweets and pastries. Iranian Armenians begin their celebrations with the Yalda winter solstice celebrated in Iran from ancient times until 6 January, when the Orthodox Armenians celebrate the birth of Jesus.

In an interview with “La Vanguardia”, one such baker on Mirza-ye Shirazi Street in Tehran has talked about the variety of Christmas puddings they make, and said: “We are very busy at this time of year. We have different sweet designs for Yalda and Christmas. Most or our sweets are made with chocolate for 24 December and 6 January.”

The paper reports that from the very first hours of the longest night of the year, Yalda night, hundreds of people queue at the bakery and leave with their hands full of pastry boxes, while many window shoppers walk the Mirza-ye Shirazi Street which is a center for many Armenian shops.

“La Vanguardia” goes on to explain: “Shopkeepers lineup their Christmas trees on the pavement here for their customers and many shop windows are decorated with intricate designs where father Christmas is the main attraction.”


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