(Persia Digest) – The bodies of seven Iranian military advisors martyred in an Israeli attack on an air base near Palmyra have been flown back to Tehran.

Persia Digest reports that Israel fired eight missiles in the early hours of Monday morning, 9 April 2018, targeting the military airport of T4, in Homs, Syria, killing and wounding a number of people. Seven Iranian advisors were killed in the strike.

Russia’s Defense Ministry announced that air strikes on the military airport were carried out by two F15 fighter jets belonging to the Israeli air force. Based on this report, three missiles fired at the western part of the airport caused damages, but the other five missiles were destroyed by Syria’s anti-aircraft defense system. Russian military advisors based here were unharmed. Russia has asked for an explanation by Israel about its strikes on T4 air base in Syria’s Homs Province.

Israel who has carried out numerous strikes on Syria during the country’s 7-year civil war has not yet commented on the strikes carried out on Monday.

Euronews reports that a commander of the Israeli air force announced in August that this country had carried out 100 strikes in Syria. But Israeli policy does not confirm or reject such operations.

Israel had already struck this air base in Homs in February claiming that an Iranian drone allegedly entered its air space. Israel claimed that Iran was using T4 as a command center.

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