(Persia Digest) – John is an American tourist who is visiting Iran for the second time. This is what he has posted on his Instagram page about the country: “I hope I can show everyone that Iran is not a scary place after I have traveled 3000kms in 75 days. More importantly, the people of this country are not terrorists. They may be terrible drivers, but in no way are they terrorists.”

ISNA reports that John is from Puerto Rico, an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea, a territory of the United States since 1898. Its citizens travel on US passports.

John has visited 157 countries so far. He came to Iran for the first time three years ago and this is his second visit to the country this year. He introduces himself as the “Son of Iran”.

Before obtaining a visa for his second visit, he traveled to Qeshm and Kish Free Zones in Iran on his first trip, where tourist visas are not required.

John thinks the Iranian dish “Ghormeh Sabzi” stew made with meat and herbs is delicious. He says: “Persian cuisine is very diverse and tasty. Nobody in this country will go hungry unless they are vegetarian!”

His experiences on safety in Iran are the same as other tourists visiting the country. He says Iran is the safest country he has ever traveled to.

He describes the nature of Iran as incredibly beautiful. About its culture, he simply wrote “2500 years of civilization”. History and civilization in Iran date back to 7000 years ago; but 2500 years were also sufficient enough to raise eyebrows, because he asked people: “Do I need to add anything to this much history?”

Hospitality received the highest ratings from this young man, which he describes as unparalleled. John believes Iran is an inexpensive destination for tourists, even though he has traveled to the country when the rising price of the dollar was tomans 6000; the people’s hospitality here has meant fewer expenses.

On the whole, John says his experiences of Iran are very positive and places the country on his list of favorite destinations, recommending it to other tourists.

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