September 23, 2018 12:29
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(Persia Digest) - Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, Abbas Araghchi, criticized western countries' double standards in dealing with terrorism, saying they cannot claim to fight against terrorists while providing them with place of residence and media coverage.
On Saturday, Iran summoned Dutch and Danish ambassadors as well as British chargé d'affaires in protest against allowing the Al-Ahwaziya terrorist group to reside and carry out its activities in European countries.
The terrorist group claimed responsibility for Saturday's terrorist attack in Ahvaz.

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In a message on Instagram, Araghchi wrote: "Iran expects the [three European] governments to arrest the criminals and their accomplices and extradite them to Iran in order to be put on fair trial."
Araghchi said the Emirati chargé d'affairs to Iran was also summoned to the Foreign Ministry because of the comments of some of the country's officials in support of the terrorist attack in Ahvaz.
Persia Digest reported that gunmen targeted a military parade where officials and spectators had gathered in Ahvaz in Khuzestan province, killing at least 25 and injuring more than 60, with children and women being among the casualties.

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