(Persia Digest) – The Director General for Political Affairs at the German Foreign Ministry has met with Seyed Abbas Araghchi, Political Deputy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

A wide range of bilateral and international topics were discussed at the meeting. The two sides also discussed the latest developments in the JCPOA nuclear accord, in particular efforts to counter illegitimate US sanctions imposed on Iran following its exit from the deal. The urgency to implement the special financial channels was emphasized at the meeting.

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The German side reiterated that European countries are aware of the urgency of the matter and have been working tightly on its various aspects over the past weeks. She said these will finalized following meetings with the Iranian side and parts of it will become operational according to priorities.

During the meeting, Araghchi strongly protested the arrest of Mr. Asadi, a diplomat at the Iranian Embassy in Vienna, by the German police and his extradition to Belgium and emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran will pursue the issue and take appropriate measures through the legal and political channels.

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The two sides also underlined the importance to address regional and international issues to resolve problems in bilateral relations and develop economic, commercial and banking relations.

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