February 25, 2019 14:43
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(Persia Digest) - The Speaker of the Iranian Parliament has asked the Ministry of Intelligence to identify the source of threatening SMS messages to MPs.

As reported by Persia Digest (PD), pressures by lobbies, groups, and political parties to parliamentarians and decision-makers to influence their views on various topics is commonplace in almost every country in the world. But in Iran this is followed in unusual ways.

A method pursued in Iran for several years to influence the views of MPs has been the sending of threatening SMS messages to their mobiles which can be called "SMS persuasion".

The method began with the start of reviews for the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal in Parliament when a number of MPs began receiving threatening messages to oppose the deal. This continued in other cases such as the FATF.

MP Hasemhzayi has said that he received over 200 SMS messages on the day of voting for the CFT of which 150 were death threats.

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In the latest threat today, MP Jahanbaksh Mohebinia has said that all MPs have received an SMS message in which they have been compared to members of the MEK terrorist group.

He commented on those who send the SMS messages: “People who have this kind of thinking come to Parliament with TNT and carry out their blind oppressive actions.”

Speaker Ali Larijani also responded to him: “The Ministry of Intelligence must investigate the issue. This has created a problem in the country.

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