(Persia Digest) – The Met Office has warned of flash floods in Tehran. All emergency, rescue, and security forces have been placed on red alert.

Torrential rain over the past week has led to flash floods in a number of provinces in Iran, causing extensive damages and taking lives.

More rain is forecast and the capital, Tehran, has been placed on red alert. Greater Tehran’s Deputy Police Chief has announced that the police force is on full alert to deal with probable flash floods in Tehran.

Commander Hamid Hodavand said that four special police headquarters have been setup in Tehran and all police and traffic personnel are on full alert.

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First Vice President, Eshagh Jahangiri, attended a crisis management meeting for Tehran Province last night and remarked on heavy rain forecasts for Tehran by saying: “All authorities must be ready; we must prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This is a rather serious situation and all Tehran authorities must also take it very seriously.”

He added: “We must take care of Tehran with all we have tonight. This is why I am at this meeting now.”

Tehran’s Governor has also said: “Based on the forecasts by the Met Office for torrential rain on Tuesday afternoon, all Tehran authorities will be on standby until Wednesday afternoon.”

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Mohseni-Bandpay added that all personnel and rescue facilities have been set in place and the city council has rolled out its fleet of heavy machinery in District 5 of the city. The fire brigade has placed 5000 men on full alert and the Red Crescent also has 500 search & rescue teams and 20 expert teams ready to search in floodwaters.

The historic Sa’dabad complex and all the restaurants in “Darband” and “Darakeh” on the foothills of northern Tehran have been closed down as precautionary measures take over the capital.

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