(Persia Digest) - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani remarked on Saturday at a joint press conference with visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi that: “security is of paramount importance for the two countries of Iran and Iraq.”

Border cooperation will be strengthened between the two countries in fighting against terrorism, drug trafficking and smuggling, he added.

Mehr News reports that President Rouhani seized this opportunity to express his special thanks to the Iraqi government for welcoming him in a recent trip to Iraq and said, “with the coordination made, bilateral relationship between Iran and Iraq will be broadened.”

The two countries of Iran and Iraq have established deep and historical ties with each other which dates back to many years ago, he said, adding, “the two nations of Iran and Iraq have always established amicable relationship over the centuries in various fields.”

Implementation of agreements made between the two countries in a recent trip to Iraq was taken into consideration, the first of which is related to free of charge issuance of visa between the two countries, President Rouhani added.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi also remaked: “The Islamic Republic of Iran helped us in the fight against terrorism and we managed to achieve many victories that contributed to the current peace and stability in Iraq.” “Today, [leaders] from all around the world visit Iraq, and we are witness to a transformation that is to the benefit of both the Iraqi people and the rest of the countries in the region.”

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We believe that it was due to Iran’s support that Iraq succeeded in reaching this point, he added.

“We are seeking to further expand relations between Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Adil Abdul-Mahdi stressed.

He went on on to add that Iraq also seeks to develop ties with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East region.

“We seek to establish a stable and peaceful region in which the era of wars has come to an end,” he said, adding that the only solution to Yemeni crisis is a political approach.

The Iraqi prime minister also stressed that his country is resolved to prevent any groups from using its soil to launch threats against Iran.

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