(Persia Digest) – “I promise you” [Behet ghol midam] by Mohsen Yeganeh is the most viewed Persian pop song on YouTube with over 58 million views to date.

“I promise you” was uploaded on YouTube towards the end of 2016; it has had over 58 million views and more than 22 thousand comments since. What is most striking is the number of non-Iranians who have commented on the video.

For instance, Alix Ayman from Norway has commented: “I don’t understand the lyrics, but it is amazing music.” Another viewer from Bangladesh wrote: “Hello to all Iranians from Bangladesh. I like your culture, language, and music.” Many users from Europe, the US, and China, etc, have also appreciated the song.

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The last comment as this article was being written was from an Iranian user who wrote: “Humanity is beautiful; how pleasing it is when you see the comments from all nationalities – Afghan, Tajik, Baluch, Turkmen, Kurd, etc, everyone calling one another brothers; I hope the day will come when we can all be brothers and have no death wishes for one another.”

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Mohsen Yeganeh was born on 13 May 1985. He is a pop singer in Iran. Following his studies in industrial engineering for six terms, he withdrew from his course due to his busy music schedule. Of his two elder sisters one is a physician and one is a dentist. His father was martyred in Saddam’s invasion of Iran and his mother is a university professor. He has already published six music albums.

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